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2022-New Covenant in Jeremiah 31

‘The New Covenant in the Context of the Book of Jeremiah’,

in Hans Burger, Gert Kwakkel, Michael Mulder (eds.), Covenant: A Vital Element of Reformed Theology: Biblical, Historical and Systematic-Theological Perspectives, 124-45. SRT 42. Leiden: Brill, 2022.

Amidst many condemnations and warnings, the prophet Jeremiah announces a new covenant (31: 31–34). This new covenant fulfills an important role in the New Testament and in Christian theology. The purpose of this article is to establish what this passage means within the context of the book of Jeremiah and from that basis to look at how the new covenant has been handled within theological circles.
This article begins with a discussion of the structure of the book of Jeremiah (section 2), of chapters 30–33 (section 3) and of 31: 31–34 (section 4). After this, the meaning of the word ‘covenant’ will be dealt with (section 5). Five aspects of the new covenant will then be addressed: the recipients (section 6), the law in the hearts (section 7), the knowledge of YHWH (section 8), forgiveness (section 9), and the future (section 10). We move on to a discussion of the new perspective of the covenant (section 11) and address particular issues in the relationship between exegesis and systematic theology (section 12).

According to the agreement with Brill this is the final manuscript version.
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